About BLF


Bloodlinefresh is ours kid! And when I say ours I mean yours and mine. Bloodlinefresh (BLF) is an independent T-shirt company inspired by hip-hop culture, sneaker fashion, graffiti art, and of course the main element YOU.

Born into hip-hop, BLF is a direct offspring of the culture, we live this! It’s how we walk, talk, and most importantly how we dress. The movement is the brainchild of an entrepreneur/sneakerhead from New Jersey, who has an intense love affair with Hip Hop and a passion for anything retro.

From the Beginning BLF’s creative force and key ingredient have been the sneaker heads, skateboarders B-boy’s and B-girls that continue to represent and keep the culture alive! You are first priority when it comes to the style, and the driving force that dictates our direction.

The name Bloodlinefresh was derived from our love of the hip-hop, and true lyricism. From the pioneers of early days to the crown holders of now, giving homage and respect to those that did it.

Ever since dooky rope chains and high top fades, hip–hop is all we listened to, that’s who we are. We feel it’s in our Bloodline; embedded in our DNA and will only be passed on to the next generation. The word fresh is used to capture the feeling of the 80′s and early nineties when everything was hype, dope, and stupid Fresh!

BLF is here for the people who take chances, risk takers who did it when it was said it couldn’t be done. This is for all who appreciate dope styles and individuality. The BLF motto is simple “If being fresh is wrong we dont wanna be right.”